Episode 7

Published on:

2nd Dec 2019

Jason McAteer's 'Blood, Sweat and McAteer' (Pt 2)

The long-awaited conclusion to The Football Book Club does 'Blood, Sweat and McAteer' is here! What's next for The Three Amigos - Jason McAteer, Phil Babb and Gary Kelly? How many times will Jason use the word 'arse'? And, most importantly, will 'Blood, Sweat and McAteer' be crowned the best book of Football Book Club Series One??? Plus a dramatic reading involving Jason McAteer and a huge battered fish, and we find out who joins Glenn Roeder and Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 'The Hall of Shame'. Jason McAteer HIMSELF 'Cried laughing' at Part One. And if that isn't enough to make you listen, we don't know what is. WARNING: In the second half of this episode we talk about mental health and suicidal thoughts, as discussed in the book. If you find this subject difficult to listen to you can skip forward around six minutes at the time to avoid this part.

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