Episode 18

Published on:

23rd May 2022

Rob Lee's 'Come In Number 37' (ft. Jonny Sharples)

Twitter legend Jonny Sharples is a huge Rob Lee fan. So much so he owns two copies of his autobiography. However, he's never actually read it... Until now! Join us for Keegan v Tony Blair head tennis, Rob's high hopes for Diego Gavilan, and Nobby Solano's llama. Plus Noel's House Party, the time Jonny met Duncan Ferguson, and we find out why the book is like How I Met Your Mother.

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Forget the latest bestsellers or Booker Prize winners! Our book club gets stuck into the true classics of the literary world - footballers' autobiographies.
Like your books less Dickens, more Dickov? Football Book Club gets stuck into the true classics of the literary world - footballers’ autobiographies. As recommended by BBC Five Live, The Athletic, The Sunday Times and named one of Esquire's best comedy podcasts around right now. Described as “pretty funny” by Darren Huckerby.